Reduce the risk of slip and falls in your home or business by using our floor or bath non-slip treatments. Create an invisible and advanced tread on hard mineral surfaces. Increase the surface’s dynamic coefficient of friction by 200-400% when wet! All without altering your floor or tub’s appearance. Quick application and no special maintenance to keep your non-slip traction!

Not sure if your site passes OSHA recommendation? Get a free slip test!


Test the “slipperiness”--dynamic coefficient of friction--of your floor with the elite Bot-3000e digital tribometer


Non-slip treatment for tile, ceramic, porcelain, marble, glazed brick, concrete, or terrazzo surfaces


Non-Slip acrylic coating for metal, plastic, wood, painted, or epoxy surfaces


Non-Slip treatment for porcelain and enamel surfaces


Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidental injuries in hotels, restaurants, and public buildings.

Department of Labor Statistic

Want to know more about how we could serve your home or business? Want to get a free safety audit with our Bot-3000e “slip” tester? Schedule a free consultation today!

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