30 minutes


Specialty audit of any hard-mineral floor’s dynamic coefficient of friction. Scientifically precise results with the Bot-3000e digital tribometer. Get your results in minutes,  with a full report for company record within 2 weeks.


Application time varies with area

$1.50 / square foot*

Non-slip floor treatment will raise the co-efficient of friction 200-400% when wet. Greatly reduces the risk of slip and falls without the bulkiness of mats or rugs—plus no regular maintenance fees and quick application time! 1-year warranty for all homes and businesses. Want to know more and get a personalized quote? Schedule a demo and consultation today!


15 minutes per unit

$50 / unit*

Non-slip tub/shower treatment applies quickly and eliminates the need for abrasive no-skid stickers or bulky mats. Ready for normal use right after treatment. 1-year warranty for commercial applications and 3-year warranty for residential. Not sure if its what you need? Ask for a free demo and consultation!


Application time varies with area

$2.00 / square foot*

Highly recommended for metal floors of trucks, plastic or fiberglass tubs, painted concrete, wood, slippery thresholds or stairs, or any other slippery, non-mineral surface. Wondering if this could be right for your home or business? Schedule a free consultation today!